Theory and Use of Radar


How The
Radar Works

An Introductory Tutorial

The BumbleBee is a micro-power pulsed Doppler radar with complex output.

This introductory tutorial takes you gently through the theory that lies behind it.

Everything is kept at a conceptually high level so you don't need any special knowledge of math, radar or electronics.

How to exploit the rich information found in wireless sensor networks with low power radar.

Three papers that will introduce you to the concepts behind the GuardBee and BumbleBee radars.

  1. Begin: Introduction to Phase Utilization with Coherent Pulsed Doppler Radars.

  2. Core concepts: Exploiting Phase Information in Pulse Doppler Radars: High Relative Resolution For The Price Of Low Absolute Resolution.

  3. Advanced concepts: False Alarm Management using Phase Information for Displacement Detection.