Computer Services Administrator

This is a full time position with the Samraksh Company, available immediately. The successful applicant would have at least a Bachelors in related field or 3 years relevant experience. The company offers competitive salary and benefits. Salary will depend upon qualifications and experience. 

If accepted, you may work in either Dublin Ohio or in Leesburg Virginia. Send cover letter and résumé to Please indicate your availability for Dublin or Leesburg.

Duties are as follows. “Core” duties are essential.

1.     Rollout IT software and services and educate users across the company and in some cases customers.

  • Core. IT services, including services for sharing code, files, email, notes, receipts, and timekeeping using systems including git, Dropbox, Office, Exchange, NEAT on desktops and mobile platforms.
  • Core. Set up development environments for developers, including Visual Studio, .NET and .NET Micro Framework on Windows computers; IDEs and SDKs on Linux.
  • Core. Set up and use Samraksh testing environment and tools.
  • Core. Install and configure Windows and/or Linux servers.
  • Future. Setup and use cloud environment frameworks such as Azure and GAE.

2.     Maintain services. 

  • Core. Develop scripts in Powershell and other scripting languages to automate routine tasks.
  • Core. Routine maintenance on Windows systems (examples: periodic disk scans, machine temperature monitoring, backups, availability of standalone servers, deduplication, software upgrades across user machines, machine recovery and security audits). Rapidly rebuild user systems, including operating system, user software and user data. 
  • Desirable. Use system configuration tools such as SCCM
  • Core. Configure ISP/LAN switches. 
  • Possible. Maintain Joomla-based website and prepare analytics reports.

3.     Manage system and data security.

  • Core. Recover data from corrupted computers, clean infected computers, encrypt data in computers and in cloud shares, audit logs, configure firewalls.

4.     Prepare new machines. 

  • Core. Assemble and configure new personal computer machine hardware for employees.