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Wednesday, October 09 2013, 03:53 AM
Hello We are using BumbleBee Radars for our projects.
We all setup the TinyOS environment and programmed the BumbleBee succesfully.
Now we are having problem gathering the radar data from BumbleBee.
We want to process the data with Matlab. We connect BumbleBee with Matlab through COM port
and we are trying to gather the data which is shown on Cygwin via the code "java -comm serial@COM6:telos".
But cannot do that.We cannot gather that we see on Cywin.
Do you have any ideas how to do that?
How can we gather the I and Q datas from the BumbleBee ?

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    Monday, October 14 2013, 05:19 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Bahri,
    I downloaded and installed Cygwin and TinyOS to replicate your setup.
    Is MATLAB running under Windows?
    Have you successfully tested the data path from TinyOS to MATLAB? There are a number of options available to capture incoming serial data on the PC. If your application does not require real-time analysis, the TinyOS Listen/SerialForwarder program is also good option for capturing the serial data to a file that MATLAB may open for post-processing. If your use case requires real-time data analysis, the program uses the TinyOS serial SDK, which includes serial port code for both Windows and POSIX OS. Capturing data directly into MATLAB can become complicated due to the structure of MATLAB's built-in serial port handling; if possible, the easiest short-term solution might be to use the TinyOS Listen/serial forwarder program to add a time-stamp and save data to a file that may be later opened in MATLAB. If you are able to see the data using the Listen program, try redirecting the output to a file by adding " > file.txt" to the end of the command ( "java -comm serial@COM6:telos > data001.txt" ) and then import data001.txt into MATLAB.
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    Monday, October 14 2013, 11:01 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Micheal,
    We can gather the data with Matlab but it is not efficient.
    We can get very few number of I and Q data.So we are trying to follow your instructions.
    We want to use TinyOS Listen/serial forwarder program . You said add a time-stamp and save the data to a file.
    How can we add a time-stamp?
    When we wrote "( "java -comm serial@COM3:telos > data001.txt" ) on Cywin it says " serial@COM3:115200 resynchronizing" and does not show the data.
    And where does the data data001.txt file save on windows?
    Could you please help us on this situation?
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    Wednesday, October 23 2013, 08:14 AM - #Permalink
    We have figure it out. Gathering data is possible as Micheal said above .
    One another way is to getting data with using Com port of the PC.
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