eMote .NOW Downloads

Release files are in a .zip archive. Download the version you need and unzip it. To install the firmware, see the FAQ. To use the DLLs, open your solution in Visual Studio. Delete any existing references to eMote DLLs and then add references to those you've downloaded.

Whenever the eMote firmware changes, the DLLs also change. If you use mis-matched DLLs you'll get a runtime error.

Beginning with version, eMote help files are included. These have the same content as the online eMote Interface Documentation files.

  • "eMote .NOW Help Viewer.mshc" is a Help Viewer 2.0 file. There's an accompanying "helpcontentsetup.msha" manifest file. You can add this to your Help Viewer by referencing the manifest file. With it, you'll be able to get help on eMote within Visual Studio as well as through the stand-alone Help Viewer. See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh580802.aspx for more information.
  • "eMote .NOW Help Viewer.chm" is a compiled HTML help file. You can view the contents by opening the file in Windows. You can use the viewer to print a selected heading and all its subtopics at once.

Beginning with version, a set of commonly-used eMote utilities is included and there is the option to use a setup installer. The setup merely copies the contents of the zip archive to a known location on the PC; by default, it is C:\users\[yourusername]\Documents\Samraksh\eMote. There are folders for "eMote .NOW", "eMote Documentation" and "Utilities". The setup does not install any executables or make any changes to the registry other than what's required for it appear in the Control Panel's Programs and Features list.



Release Date


eMote .NOW 4.3.14


 Current release

eMote .NOW 4.3.12



eMote .NOW (patch)


Fixes an issue with COM2.

eMote .NOW 4.3.11



eMote .NOW 4.3.9



eMote .NOW 4.3.2