Using the eMote .NOW

Be sure to check out the FAQ for details on how to setup and use the eMote .NOW, or visit the product page.

Why the eMote .NOW?

The wireless sensing network community was among Samraksh’s earliest customers. This group had specific needs, such as reliable wireless network that would work when sensors were deployed in a variety of configurations and power management.Samraksh developed robust built-in wireless and low power management solutions. Samraksh also noted that not every wireless sensing customer wanted to use the same set of sensors. To Samraksh, this meant an opportunity to develop a more general solution in which sensors could be integrated with the basic platform.

It’s been a number of years now and the demand for wireless networking is only growing. 

Meanwhle, the Maker/ Hobbyist community has also been growing. This community has a number of options for microcontrollers that support, well, various projects that we want to do. Recent entries include the Arduino and the Netduino.

The eMote .NOW is geared to supporting the Maker / Hobbyist community. While it delivers wireless networking out of the box, it also offers other features.

Look around the website and read of the notes on various facets of the eMote .NOW.

We talk about the software environment, about the board layout, about the first application board and about wireless networking.


eMote User's Guide for the .NOW

The .NOW comes with the eMOTE software installed and ready to use. The eMote User's Guide for the .NOW (pdf) will help get you started.

If, having installed Visual Studio and the SDK as directed in the user's guide, you still can't create a Micro Framework project, check this FAQ article.

Get the Samraksh proprietary DLLs you'll need here.