Wireless Communications Research Engineer

We're accepting applications for the position of Wireless Communications Engineer, located in Leesburg, VA. Click here for details.

Tuscarora Framework is now Open Source

Tuscarora is a framework for developing highly scalable and portable Network Patterns (NP) and applications. The Framework serves as the narrow waist of the system, decoupling the Application Layer and the Network Patterns from the underlying radio and hardware platform, enabling portability, scalability and extensibility. Tuscarora was partly funded by DARPA.

The source has been released on GitHub at https://github.com/Samraksh/Tuscarora/. Learn More.

About Samraksh  


 Wireless Sensor Network Expertise We are experts in low-power, reliable wireless sensor networks (WSN) with world-class experience and deep, innovative research into the hardware, software and algorithmic issues they present. We design, manufacture and sell inexpensive high-performance, low-power, scalable and easy-to-program components and systems.

WSN-Enabling Products Besides the eMote .NOW and the BumbleBee highlighted below,  we also provide a range of other sensors and supporting items. Complete network solutions can be deployed using these components.


Intermediate App Notes

Demonstrates the ultra-low jitter of the RealTime timer and compares it with the standard timer.

Learn how to ensure reliable communication in a network of eMote .NOWs, how to communicate with a specific mote and how to synchronize time. The pattern used is data collection: remote nodes collect sensed data and send to a base node. The sensing is simulated; we discuss how to adapt it for actual sensors.

Learn how to use the temperature sensor on the Kiwi Multi-Sensor and how to write a driver for a OneWire device.