Hacking the .NOW


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How do I get Visual Studio to let me create a Micro Framework project.

You've installed Visual Studio and the MF SDK but still can't create a Micro Framework project.

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How Do I Get Set Up?

Setting up Windows with Visual Studio, Micro Framework SDK and Serial-USB driver.

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What are the .NOW Board Components?

An image of the .NOW board with major components labeled.

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What Micro SD Cards Are Compatible with .NOW?

A table of Micro SD cards known to be compatible or incompatible with the .NOW.

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How Do I Update the eMote Firmware?

Getting eMote firmware and updating it on a .NOW.

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How Can I Monitor and Debug Using MFDeploy?

Connecting an eMote .NOW to MFDeploy to see system messages and Debug.Print output; using MFDeploy on multiple eMote .NOWs at the same time.

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Using COM2

Using COM2 for a wired connection from a .NOW to another .NOW or other device.

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eMote .Now: Low-power, High-performance, Network-ready, Easy-to-use Mote


Features High performance with low power modes for long battery life • Built-in networking with on-board radio and CSMA protocols over 802.15.4 • Program in C# using Microsoft's Visual Studio • Real time processing for time-critical applications Sample apps for quick start-up

Software eMote: Micro Framework with real-time extensions • Libraries for networking, security and analysis • Virtual machine based app model

Hardware .NOW: 802.15.4 radio; options for external SMA or on-board antenna • High-speed NAND flash for near-line storage • Multi channel, multi-module 12 bit ADC • Micro SD card reader/writer • Serial over USB connector • 4 character LCD • Screw terminals for GPIO, ADC power etc • JTAG connector for developer use •Mezzanine connectors for extended access to I/O



BumbleBee: Versatile, Mote-Scale Doppler Radar


Features Micro-power pulsed Doppler radar with complex output • Complete package; no other components necessary for use • Ready-to-use sample applications for Arduino and eMote .NOW • Accurate displacement differentiation: fewer false alarms than PIR • Low power: run continuously for 8 days on AA batteries • Complex output enables many applications: intrusion detection, radial velocity and direction, acceleration, micro Doppler displacements, target categorization (human or car? or, pedestrian or cyclist?); and others


\[x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.\]

\[x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.\]

High Volume Orders: Online orders are typically fulfilled using existing inventory; however large orders may require additional lead time. Contact sales@samraksh.com for more information.

Purchase Orders: Institutions wishing to issue a P.O. and pay after receipt of products may inquire at sales@samraksh.com.

South Korean Orders: Direct inquires to:

HyBus Co., Ltd.
Kyung-Sub Lee /Sales Department
Rm.#701, Daeryung Post Tower 1cha,
Guro3-dong, Guro-gu,
Seoul, Korea 152-790
Phone: +82-2-2082-2404, Mobile: 017-344-7230
Fax: +82-2-2082-2406
Email: kslee@hybus.net   Web: www.hybus.net

All Other International Orders: For the BumbleBee radar we require a User Guarantee.form, available here (pdf). Please fill it in and submit it.

We ship internationally; shipping options and costs vary from location to location. Should you prefer alternative shipping options to the ones suggested by our shopping cart or wish to provide information that expedites delivery, please contact sales@samraksh.com.