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A low-power, mote-scale Pulsed Doppler Radar sensor board. The Samraksh Company's first offering in a suite of Wireless Sensor Network products.

Comes with the BumbleBee Software Package: device drivers, data collection modules and sample applications for download.

For more information about the BumbleBee, see the Learning page.

Key features:

  • Operates at a 5.8GHz center frequency
  • Coherent quadrature output (both I & Q)
  • Maximum detection range of 10m
  • Maximum range controllable via software down to 1m with range gate sharpness of 0.2m
  • On-board (internal) antenna with 60 degree conical coverage pattern
  • Optimized for human-like targets
  • Responds to radial velocities between 2.6cm/s and 2.6m/s
  • Easily interfaced with mote devices
  • Ships with battery pack and with cabling for use with the .NOW mote
  • Connector boards / do-it-yourself instructions available for interfacing with IRIS/MICAz and Imote2 motes

The BumbleBee Radar enables a number of low-power, wireless sensor network applications including simple motion detection, robust intrusion detection using velocity estimation, velocity-based motion tracking and vibration monitoring.

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Evaluation Kit. Contains 4 single units plus a radar reflector as a testing accessory.

USD 400.00


Single Unit. Contans a radar, battery pack and .NOW connectors.

USD $100.00





User's Manual (pdf)
Spec Sheet (pdf)


  • Note: drivers for .NOW are included with eMote.

  • Device drivers in TinyOS 2.x for TelosB/Tmote Sky motes, IRIS/MICAz motes, TelosB/TmoteSky (as a surrogate ADC for Imote2 motes)

  • Device drivers for Imote2 .NET MicroFramework using the ADC on the ITS400 sensorboard and using  the TelosB/TmoteSky as a surrogate ADC for data acquisition over the I2C bus

  • Data Collection Modules

  • Sample Detector Applications 

Bumblee Software v 200   




Ultra low power motion detection module. Utilizes the same pulsed Doppler radar technology as the BumbleBee, combined with an FPGA-based computing platform to achieve ultra low power operation. Pre-programmed with Samraksh's proprietary Displacement Detection algorithm, eliminating the need for additional mote hardware. Ships with its own enclosure for out-of-the-box installation. Key features:

  • Based on Pulsed Doppler Radar sensing technology
  • Tunable detection range up to 10m
  • Single-board solution with on-board 20 MHz FPGA
  • 40mW total power consumption, including 0.1mW FPGA consumption
  • Robust motion detection via our proprietary Displacement Detection algorithm that rejects most common sources of false alarms
  • Two-wire interrupt-style GPIO output for integration with external devices
  • SPI bus connection option for integration with external networking or microcontroller modules
  • Ships with enclosure for out of the box installation
  • No programming needed. No need for attached mote

Due to its low power, cost and size profile, the GuardBee is suitable for a number of indoor and outdoor applications. Sample applications include people sensing, occupancy sensing, tripwire and area counting, residential and commercial security and energy profiling in indoor spaces, among others.



GuardBee Motion Detector. Contains GuardBee FPGA and sensor boards, and fully assembled enclosure with battery pack and connectors. Not currently stocked. Call for information.




User's Manual (pdf)

Spec Sheet (pdf)



A daughter board that includes:

  • Programmable 3-axis accelerometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Photo resistor light sensor
  • MEMS microphone
  • Buzzer

Also includes additional user I/O elements: buttons, LEDs and a potentiometer. Uses screw terminal interface to eMote .NOW.




Kiwi Multi-Sensor