Interface Boards

Imote2 Interface Board


Key Features:

  • Breakout region where all pins on both the 21-pin and 31-pin expansion connectors are exposed
  • Onboard I2C circuitry including voltage matching and pullup resistors allowing easy interfacing with different I2C-based devices
  • Pre-soldered BumbleBee connectors for out-of-the-box integration with the BumbleBee radar via a TelosB mote
  • The TelosB mote can be used as a surrogate ADC for the Imote2, which does not have an onboard ADC. Using the Imote2 interface board and the provided connectors, the Imote2, TelosB and BumbleBee can be interconnected out-of-the-box as shown in the figure.

Downlowable Bumblebee device drivers for Imote2 .Net and the TelosB platform are available; see below. BumbleBee radar data can be acquired on the IMote2 by interfacing it to a TelosB with BumbleeBee sensor over the I2C interface.

Our drivers support two data acquisition modes - an on-demand, per-sample acquisition mode or a snippet mode in which the TelosB acquires data continuously and transfers it to the Imote2 when a snippet of a certain length has been collected. We also provide a sample application that demonstrates how to use these drivers in each of these modes to perform robust motion detection on the Imote2 using the BumbleBee radar.

To make the connection to the ITS400 board, cut the cable that ships with the BumbleBee into 2 parts, with the radar end attached to the longer part of the wires. (The radar end of the cable is the one with the black wire connected to pin 1, blue to pin 2 and red to pin 4). You will now need to screw on the free ends of the 3 wires onto the J5 connector, as follows:

  • the black (ground) wire connects to pin 6
  • the blue (channel I) wire connects to pin 1 (AIN0)
  • the red (channel Q) wire connects to pin 2 (AIN1)

You can use any ADC ports on the ITS400; only the port numbers need to be changed in the driver code.


iMote2 Interface Board. 40.00 USD