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Key Ideas

  • Wireless communication.
  • Link metrics.


The app note listens for radio traffic and prints out information about sender, signal strength, etc.


eMote.NOW 1.0, eMote version 4.3.68 and Visual Studio 2012 or 2013.

Complexity Level

Fairly introductory. There is some complexity with respect to radio setup.


You'll need at least two eMote .NOWs for this app note. Any of the motes can be configured with the on-board radio with on-board antenna or the on-board radio with SMA half-wave antenna attached. Otherwise, the setup is the same as for the Hello World app note.

See the Radio Ping-Pong app note for configuring radio type, protocol, power, and channel.

Getting Started

Connect your .NOWs to your PC. Open this app note in Visual Studio and make sure it builds correctly. Deploy to each mote.

Running the Programs

Open as many instances of MFDeploy as you have motes; see the FAQ for tips on monitoring and debugging when you have more than one mote. Make sure the USB cable connected and press the Reset button. If you see numbers displayed on the LCD then an exception has occurred. You should see messages appearing in MFDeploy log windows that track progress as the two motes send and receive radio messages.


The basic idea behind this app note is pretty simple. Both motes are running the same program. Each one periodically sends a broadcast message. When it receives a message, it prints information about the sender, signal strength, etc. on the debug log.