App Notes

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Key Ideas

Configuring a GPIO pin for output and toggling it.


eMote .NOWs provide a number of pins that can be configured for digital input or output. In this app note, one of the pins is configured for output and then toggled once per second. You can use a multitester to see how the output voltage fluctuates.


eMote.NOW 1.0, eMote version and Visual Studio 2012.

Complexity Level



The setup is the same as for the Hello World app note.

Getting Started

Connect your eMote .NOWs to your PC. Open this app note in Visual Studio and make sure it builds correctly. When all is well, deploy and run it.

Running the Program

After the program starts running, take a multitester and set it to measure DC voltage 5 volts or higher (use the smallest setting that's at least 5 volts). Touch the black (ground) probe to J12 pin 10 and the red (input) probe to J12 pin 1. See the Product Pinouts & Connection documentation for the layout of the .NOW. Once a second you'll see the values change between 0 and about 5 volts (may be lower). Depending on your multitester, the values read may fluctute a little when they change.


Change the program so that the GPIO alternately toggles for 5 seconds, then goes low (false) for 5 seconds.