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Neighbor Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by Neighbor.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNeighbor ConstructorConstructs a dummy neighbor object  
Public Fields
Public FieldFrameLengthFrame length of neighbor  
Public FieldIsAvailableForUpperLayersIsAvailableForUpperLayers  
Public FieldLastHeardTimeLast time heard from neighbor  
Public FieldMACAddressMAC address of neighbor  
Public FieldNeighborStatusStatus of neighbor  
Public FieldNumOfTimeSamplesRecordedNumTimeSyncMessagesRecv  
Public FieldNumTimeSyncMessagesSentNumTimeSyncMessagesSent  
Public FieldReceiveDutyCycleReceive duty cycle of neighbor  
Public FieldReceiveLinkReceive (formerly reverse) link details between current and neighbor node. Provides link details of receptions from a certain neighbor. A received packet's metadata carries details such as RSSI and LQI.  
Public FieldSendLink  
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