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MACPipe Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by MACPipe.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorMACPipe ConstructorRegister callback functions for CSHARP payload types. This is used to register multiple callbacks for different payload types and for different MAC objects.  
Public Fields
Public FieldMACBaseThe MACBase instance this pipe subscribes to  
Public Fieldmsg_id_list_ro  
Public FieldPayloadTypeThe subscribed payload type for the this pipe  
Protected Fields
Protected Fieldmsg_id_list  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBufferSizeSize of send buffer  
Public PropertyCCATrue iff MAC CCA (clear channel assessment) is enabled  
Public PropertyCCASenseTimeAmount of time (in milliseconds) to assess whether channel is clear (CCA)  
Public PropertyMACRadioObjThe radio object the MAC is using  
Public PropertyMACTypeThe type of MAC (OMAC, CSMA)  
Public PropertyNeighborLivenessDelayDelay (in milliseconds) before a Neighbor is deemed dead  
Public PropertyNumberOfRetriesNumber of times to try sending before MAC gives up  
Public Methods
Public MethodDeleteMsgWithMsgID  
Public MethodDisposeUninitialize MACPipe instance  
Public MethodEnqueueToSendOverloaded. Enqueue a message to be sent  
Public MethodGetMsgWithMsgID  
Public MethodIsMsgIDValidIsPacketIDValid  
Public MethodNeighborListGet the list of neighbors from the MAC  
Public MethodNeighborStatus  
Public MethodPendingReceivePacketCount  
Public MethodPendingSendPacketCount  
Public MethodRemovePacket  
Public MethodSendOverloaded. Send packet  
Public Events
Public EventOnNeighborChangeRaised when neighborhood changes  
Public EventOnReceiveRaised when a packet has been received  
Public EventOnSendStatusRaised when we get an ACK for a transmitted packet  
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