Samraksh eMote .NOW
Samraksh.eMote.Net Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassMACBase Base class for wireless protocols
ClassMACNotConfiguredException MAC is not configured
ClassMACPipe Class to register multiple callbacks for CSHARP payload types.
ClassMACTypeMismatchException MAC type is unknown
ClassPacket Packet object. Passed to native.
ClassRadioBusyException Radio is busy
ClassRadioNotConfiguredException Radio is not configured
ClassUnknownRadioTypeException Radio type is unknown
DelegateMACBase.IMACNeighborChangeEventHandler Event handler for classes implementing IMAC's neighbor change event
DelegateMACBase.IMACReceiveEventHandler Event handler for classes implementing IMAC's on receive event
DelegateMACBase.IMACTransmitACKEventHandler Event handler for classes implementing IMAC's transmit ACK event
EnumerationCallbackType Kinds of callbacks
EnumerationDeviceStatus Device status
EnumerationMACType Kinds of protocol
EnumerationNetOpStatus Net operation result status
EnumerationPayloadType To be kept in sync with that in DeviceCode/Include/Samraksh/Message.h Values go from 1 to 31 (lower 5 bits - 0x00 to 0x1F) and possibly 0xFF (255) are for user applications.
EnumerationSendPacketStatus SendPa
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