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 Wireless Sensor Network Expertise We are experts in low-power, reliable wireless sensor networks (WSN) with world-class experience and deep, innovative research into the hardware, software and algorithmic issues they present. We design, manufacture and sell inexpensive high-performance, low-power, scalable and easy-to-program components and systems.

WSN-Enabling Products Besides the eMote .NOW and the BumbleBee highlighted below,  we also provide a range of other sensors and supporting items. Complete network solutions can be deployed using these components.


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eMote .Now: Low-power, High-performance, Network-ready, Easy-to-use Mote


Features High performance with low power modes for long battery life • Built-in networking with on-board radio and CSMA protocols over 802.15.4 • Program in C# using Microsoft's Visual Studio • Real time processing for time-critical applications Sample apps for quick start-up

Software eMote: Micro Framework with real-time extensions • Libraries for networking and analysis

Hardware 802.15.4 radio; options for external SMA or on-board antenna • High-speed NAND flash for near-line storage • Mutil channel, multi-module 12 bit ADC • Micro SD card reader/writer • Serial over USB connector • 4 character LCD • Screw terminals for GPIO, ADC power etc • JTAG connector for developer use •Mezzanine connectors for extended access to I/O



BumbleBee: Versatile, Mote-Scale Doppler Radar


Features Micro-power pulsed Doppler radar with complex output • Complete package; no other components necessary for use • Ready-to-use sample applications for Arduino and eMote .NOW • Accurate displacement differentiation: fewer false alarms than PIR • Low power: run continuously for 8 days on AA batteries • Complex output enables many applications: intrusion detection, radial velocity and direction, acceleration, micro Doppler displacements, target categorization (dog? human? car?); and others


Tuscarora Engagement Opportunity

Tuscarora is a framework for developing and deploying  multiple Application Specific Network Patterns (ASNPs) in Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) . The Framework serves as the narrow waist of the system, decoupling the Application Layer and the ASNPs from the underlying radio and hardware platform and enabling portability, scalability and extensibility. Tuscarora is being developed through Samraksh’s involvement in the DARPA’s Fixed Wireless at a Distance and C2E programs. A limited version of the framework is now available for use. To request an evaluation version,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..